Exploring Ourselves Through Our Relationships

... for long distance relationship | Long Distance Relationship GuidanceRelationships, by their very nature and definition, are a challenge. Whether it is building a friendship with someone or going beyond just a simple friendship and growing close to another person in both a romantic and emotional sense, we are going to be challenged by finding a balance in which we are capable of having our needs satisfied as well as satisfying the needs of the other person. After a break up, when that person is suddenly absent from our lives, we might wonder how to get him back, or her back. Every relationship is a reflection of ourselves. We can look at the other person and measure the current state of our lives by them, through them, with them. If our relationship is a healthy and happy one, I feel that shows that we ourselves as individuals separate from the relationship are the same. Finding a balance where we share our lives together that promotes a healthy stability while coping with any issues that arise is a delicate one.

I often wonder if I should reach out to any of my ex-girlfriends myself.