I Needed to Take Better Quality Pictures

I am a teacher at heart. I love sharing my knowledge with others, especially those who have the same passions for the outdoors that I do. About a year ago, I started doing video lectures on different nature trails. They would not last that long, because I know most people do not have a long attention span. They were simply small tidbits of information that would come to me as I was walking along. They received a much better reception from my followers once I started using a selfie stick with remote control to activate it.

Before, I was just lodging my phone against something and hoping that I would be in the entire frame or I would just hold my phone out and do the selfie video that way. This was not as effective as I had hoped it would be, and the finished product was not as good as I would have liked. As I said though, that all changed when someone suggested that I look into using a selfie stick when I make the videos. I would not need the assistance of anyone else, and the quality of the actual videos themselves would improve drastically.

I liked that I would be able to attach my camera phone to a tripod using the selfie stick, and then I would be able to just click on a remote that would be hidden in my hand to get the video started. It used to take me a long time to edit my videos because sometimes there was just a lot of jumping around because the phone was not steady. Now, I can sometimes post my videos with only a minute of editing the title into the beginning of it. I have also gained a lot more followers because the quality of my videos has improved so much too.


Stream Energy Company in Texas

Stream Energy / Ignite PackagingAfter a rude communication I had with a customer service representative of the energy company that I currently use, I have decided to switch energy companies. I need to find a company that will actually value me as a customer, and I would think that this company would value their customers, since there is so much competition between the companies in this state. I am leaning towards Stream Energy in Texas as my choice for my next energy company but I need to do a little bit more reading before I am actually ready to make a decision.

I want to make sure that it is a good decision, whatever decision I come to. Because it is a pain to have to deal with this sort of thing, and if I do not make a good decision, then obviously I am going to have to go through this whole process again. That is not what I want to happen, because it is a waste of my time. I value my time pretty highly and I do not have enough of it. So it would be a shame to have to do this all over again.

So as I have already said, I am going to do some more reading, and try to figure out the best option for me to use for my electricity needs. Of course price comes into the equation, but the prices are pretty similar because of competition. So that is not my main priority when it comes to picking a company. Instead, I am going to look at some other things. I want to figure out if any of these companies have incentives for becoming a customer of theirs. That would probably swing things in their favor, in terms of the decision I am going to make.