We Rushed to Get Internet As Soon As It Became Available in Our Area

I can remember when no one knew what the Internet was. It was a big deal to everyone around the globe when it became possible to use it, but for the longest time, we were unable to get service because we live out in the boonies. So, when people in town told me that we can now get Louisiana satellite Internet in our area, I immediately wanted to know if we could get it at our house.

The company we are now using was really helpful in giving me advice on how it all works. We are behind the times out here where we live because we never had a chance to use it before now. So, this was all very new to me. Because the word “satellite” was involved, I was more than worried about what the cost would be. But my fears were unfounded because the price does not cost much more than other types of access cost.

The entire family was excited about the big day when our service was being installed. My wife and I have a computer, and both of our kids do. So we planned a big dinner, ate and then waited for the installer to show up. He talked us through everything and showed us how to use everything. He also explained that if we have any troubles, we can call their customer service line. They are open 24 hours per day and seven days per week to help us any time.

After he left, we had a blast learning about all the different places you can visit online. My wife wanted to check out information on the school she used to go to. I wanted to look up some genealogy information, so I did that. The kids had always wanted to join some of the popular social media websites they had heard about often. We love our new service and can see that we have so many more places to visit and learn from online as well.


Playing Around with Some Songs

I do not think that I am a very good songwriter, but I figure that I am young now and that I can probably take a skeptical look at what I produce and work on it. If it is total junk then I can throw it away and if I can not produce anything except junk, then I will have to face up to that and move on. I have found a free Audacity download and I am playing around with it. Of course I play the guitar reasonably well and I have a second hand Yamaha keyboard. It is about twenty years old, but it is a good piece of gear if you are not really that proficient with one. That is because a person like me can program it to play something that I could not really perform on my own. I am trying to figure out if I can afford a drum machine or if I can just do that in my computer.

I realize that there are a lot of pros who do this on a computer at their home. My brother in law has a friend who used to be in a rock band, but he now just makes music that is used in TV shows, movies and commercials. He is able to make a very good living doing that and it is obviously a lot easier than having a real job. He does it in his living room on a specially built computer. In fact you can do the same thing on any computer if you have it set up right, but he has a purpose built computer because he wants to have it set up for nothing else. He does not use this computer for the normal stuff everyone does, but only his work.