Working on a Little Temp Job Right Now

Of course I am just going to do this until things get straightened out I hope, because this is not the most awesome job ever and I would much rather do something else if I had a choice about it. To start with I know how to do a lot of other things and I have to learn this stuff before I can be good at it and make money. I am just working for a guy who does commercial roof installation in Morris county NJ and the hope is that this is going to only be until the weather gets warm. I am definitely not going to want to be doing this stuff when it is a hundred degrees in the summer. Already it can be close to freezing cold and you can get pretty warm doing this stuff. Of course you are up on a roof and the roof is up maybe two or three stories above the ground and you are heating up this stuff before you pour it on the roof and spread it out.

My big job is to drive the truck. They have a really old Chevy 4500commercial truck. It was probably a dump truck when it start out, but I do not think that it has the same configuration as it did originally. Someone has put a box on it and they were not all that clean with the job. It was probably done out behind the shop some place by a guy with a cutting torch and a moderate amount of skill. At any rate they use this truck to pull a low boy trailer with the generator and a bunch of other stuff piled on it. Apparently the guy who used to drive it got a better job some place else.


Cheapest Window Repair for New Jersey

I just found a website for window repair in Union County NJ and I am going to give this place a call to see if they can give me a quote over the phone how much it might cost to fix a single window on my house. I also want to get an estiamte as to when they could be over here, in order to fix the window, because I want to get it taken care of quickly. I am upset about the window being broken, but it is my fault, for the most part, and so I do not have the right to complain very much about it.

I guess I shouldn’t say it is might fault for the most part, because it is really completely my fault, but it was an accident, of course. There was small garden spade laying in the yard when I went to mow the front yard yesterday, and I did not see it when I was mowing. As a result, I ran over it, and it went flying into the house, shattering a window. I am just glad that no one was hurt, and that it did not shoot out and hit me.

I could be in the hospital right now with a garden spade sticking out of my shin, if things had turned out differently. That is a pretty scary thing to think about, and so I am going to have to be more careful, and pick up the yard completely, before I go out to mow. I know this event scared me pretty good, and I am going to try to calm down later. But now, I am going to try to figure out how quickly I can get the window replaced and also how much it is going to cost me to do so.