Living out in the Country Now

We have almost finished relocating to Northern California. We are going to be living about an hour East of the bay area. In fact we are living in a rural area, although you could drive a short distance and find a lot of homes and businesses. Thankfully it has not been as hard hit by the drought as most of the state has been, we have a well that is working just fine. We had to get Direct TV in California because the local cable company really was not much of an option. They did not offer a real competitive product in my opinion and it appears that they charge two or three times for it than I could get. We are pretty happy with the package that we got and the price that we paid. The same is not really true of the internet service that we got, but it seems to be the best option which is there for us right now.

We got a 4G wireless internet service and a lot of times it works pretty well. However it is not very reliable over time. I am guessing it has to do with the number of people who are using. The problems seem to be the sort of internet congestion that you get on any internet service. All of the customers get home and eat their supper, then they all sit down and start doing stuff on the Internet. It is just a simple matter of too many mouths to feed. We are trying to figure out how much we can do on this land. We know we could get a couple of laying hens and that would not be much of a problem, but a garden will take a lot of water and so would any larger animals like goats.