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It Looks Like a Sudden Change of Plans is Going to Happen for Me

My husband and I had a magical wedding only one year and three months ago. Three months after we were married, his company surprised him with a work transfer. He sat me down me down one night to tell me they were sending him to Singapore. He said he would only be gone for one year, and then he would be back home to me. But when that deadline passed, they asked him to stay another two years. This is when he called me and said that he found a company at where he could store some of his things in order to make room in his tiny apartment so that I could move there to be with him.

I have a job of my own that I have had for ten years, which is why I did not go with him in the first place. Considering that we had only been married for 3 months prior to made the move, we were both okay with it because 12 months pass by fast and we knew he would be back with me full time soon. At the time, I felt there was no reason to give up my job where I had just been promoted to a high-level management position a month earlier. But now, the thought of him being away for another two years was unbearable, and I decided to give moving to be with him some serious thought.

After talking about it with my boss the day before, she recommended that I simply log into our current work system from overseas, and I could work at home each day. The possibility had never entered my mind, and it seemed like a dream come true. She said they could let me use a video program to use in order to be virtually present for meetings or other important events. I thanked her, went home and then went home after work to tell my husband that now that I had a plan to continue to make money if moved, I was ready to go ahead and do it.