Living a Healthy Lifestyle Rocks

One year ago, I weighed nearly 300 pounds. I am still obese, but I am losing the weight and feeling so much better every day because of it. I am losing an average of eight pounds a month, so I am just over 200 pounds right now. I decided to change the way I was living. I had too many bad habits, and they were causing me to not enjoy life very much. I knew that I needed to live a healthy lifestyle in order to regain the happiness that I used to feel on a regular basis, but I also knew that I needed help in doing this.

I had a lot of bad habits like I said. I ate bag after bag of potato chips, I had pizza at least twice a week, and it was nothing for me to eat two and three plates of food for dinner. If I knew the right way to do things, I would have never gotten as heavy as I did. I went online to get some help and advice, and I found the perfect site to help me with all of my nutritional needs.

I read every article on that site in the first day that I found it, and I continue to read new articles as they are published. I have completely changed my life because of this site, and I am making better choices. I am eating fruits and vegetables instead of brownies and nacho chips. I am walking instead of watching TV. I am getting cardio in three times a week rather than playing video games. I still have a way to go, but I know I will get there because of the support I have in my life, which includes the website that got me on the right path.